Experiences have clearly shown that an approach which
"de-medicalizes" birth, restores dignity and humanity
to the process of childbirth, and returns control
to the mother is also the safest approach.

Michel Odent

Just as a woman's hearth knows how and when to pump,
her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire,
so she knows how and when to give birth

Virginia Di Orio

All that is needed for the majority of labors to go well is
a healthy, pregnant woman who has loving support in labor,
self-confidence, and attendants with infinite patience.

Sheila Kitzinger

We cannot birth our babies through sheer force of will.
We need to learn the more subtle, the equally powerful,
path of surrender.

Sarah J. Buckley

The parallels between making love and giving birth are clear,
not only in terms of passion and love, but also because
we need essentially the same conditions for both experiences:
privacy and safety.

Sarah J. Buckley



Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which is often described as being akin to sleep. When we are very relaxed, the conscious part of our minds is at rest, while the unconscious mind is particularly receptive.  

Research has shown the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the treatment of addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, anxiety and eating disorders. It has been proven as a valid method for pain relief.

















Many people think that in a hypnotic state of mind they will lose control of themselves or that they will not be fully present during the birth of their child. With Hypnobirthing you don’t lose control, you gain it. 

A hypnotic state of mind is not uncommon, rare or strange: you reach it right before you fall asleep, before you wake up in the morning. There is nothing special about hypnosis.

Can you recall a time when you got home having no memory of actually driving your car or the route you have taken? Then, you have driven in a hypnotic state.

Hypnobirthing helps you to get into a very calm, relaxed and peaceful state of mind, thanks to a series of positive and empowering words, breathing and visualization techniques.



















Hypnobirthing works, regardless of personality, lifestyle or birth preferences. 

As every mom and every baby are different, hypnobirthing will work on you differently than it does on another person. In fact, you will choose how to use it.

I will introduce you to the different tools available, we will practice some of them together. It will be then your particular sensitivity and character to determine what you will make of it. As I always say, the power of birth is in your hands. All you need is…You! An empowered you!

If you want to know more about Hypnobirthing before committing, you can download from the homepage the first chapter of the Hypnobirthing book, or you can book the first class only. After that you will have enough information to make a decision.



















If you were an athlete preparing for a competition, you would need consistent training, to improve your body’s as well as your mind’s performance. 

Preparing for birth is not much different: you will need to practice, practice, practice! This will make it easier to completely abandon yourself to the work your body is designed to do, so that your mind will work with your body and not against it.

You can dedicate to Hypnobirthing how much time you think is appropriate; I would suggest to practice for at least 20 minutes, every day, starting from as early as you can in your pregnancy.




















Hypnobirthing does not guarantee a pain free birth, although many hypnobirthing moms did have a virtually pain free labor and birth, and you may certainly consider it a possibility.

Hypnobirthing does not ensure a birth without any interventions, or a perfect birth; it gives you the opportunity of achieving a confident and calm state of mind during labor and birth, however it may unfold for you and your baby.

Hypnobirthing always makes a difference. Birth does not need to be pain free, to be a powerful and happy birth.




















Breathing is a natural process too. Yet, you can have a deep, relaxed breathing or a shallow, inefficient breathing.  Understanding how your body works, means to learn how to have a healthy breathing. This is true also for birth: knowing how your body works makes it easier to respect and follow its lead and have a memorable experience of birth.

Birth, physiologically speaking, is a lot like another natural activity: sex. You don’t need to be taught how to make love, so no one can tell you how to give birth. As sex, birth is created to be an intimate, passionate, irrational and free act that ends with a “high” (an oxytocin high). You wouldn’t choose to have an orgasm in a public place, without intimacy and feeling observed or judged, similarly it’s difficult to have a smooth, easy, and positive birth in an environment that doesn’t support your need for intimacy and safety.

Whether it be finding inside you the power of birth, or learning how to create a calm and quiet environment during labor, preparing for birth is very important. Hypnobirthing helps you to achieve that. 








Any birth is birth, you will become a mom and your partner will become a dad, and your baby will make an entrance into this world. However things may go for you, your state of mind during birth is important, so is the flow of oxytocin that happens when you feel in control, loved, supported and when you release any fear. Hypnobirthing gives you the practical tools to build a positive mental attitude, the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in labor and birth, and the power to trust your body and your baby, anywhere your journey into motherhood is going to take you.

Hypnobirthing makes a difference, in any type of birth. Because it focuses on supporting you and your partner, not on attaining a specific type of birth.