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Esperanza’s Homebirth

This is the birth story of my very first hypnobirthing client. So happy she found the time to write it! Enjoy it!


My due date was May 28th, 2014. A physical feeling and my gut were telling me I would exceed my due date.

I had swollen feet, and the grown fetus had been giving me much discomfort, so much so that it affected greatly my sleeping. I wished to give birth as soon as possible.

I was feeling very nervous, but I was able to keep calm and trust my pregnancy’s natural rhythm. Honestly, I really have no clue how I was able to trust my body and my baby, but I think I grew confident as I was always given enough information. This made me relax and convinced me to follow my body’s natural pace at birth. It was all thanks to Carmen’s great determination and competence, her desire for us to have the most positive birth experience that allowed me to succeed in this.

During the pregnancy, her positive messages encouraged me a lot to believe in me, my baby, and the whole process. Both my husband and Carmen supported me in choosing to give birth at home, in water, and having watched home videos of water births, I started considering it positively. I wanted to have the benefits of a better physical connection with myself and my husband, and the warm, calming effect of immersion in water.

A week had passed from the due date. The hospital was to admit me for an induced birth, warning me I might experience a stillbirth if I refused to let them induce me. But my gut was telling me that I and my baby were doing completely fine. So I walked out of the hospital.

11 days had passed from my due date. People around me became anxious. Because I refused the induction, I was told I couldn’t give birth at the hospital I initially chose, so I went to a different doctor, that confirmed by an exam that my placenta worked perfectly fine and my baby was doing well. My midwife reassured me as well.

Then from that afternoon, I felt some kind of irregular contractions, intermittently, which I suspected to be Braxton-Hicks; the next day the intensity became stronger, but still irregular. Then from the evening, the gap between contractions came closer and closer, intensity of pain became stronger but still not very frequent. I used a Swiss ball, swaying my pelvis in a sitting position, walking, squatting, massage on my back.

Next morning, surges started giving more and more intense sensations. My husband got our place ready, cleaning and making the place dark with dim lights.

Carmen came at that time, making me relax with a hypnobirthing script, which was giving me positive messages and enabled me to believe in myself, my baby, and the collaboration we make together for birthing. The positive suggestions really helped me to control the pain. The breathing pattern also allowed me not to panic so I could follow its natural pace, preparing myself for the next stage of labor.

From the morning, I had very intense contractions, one after every 5 minutes, and from 1pm the frequency shortened to 2-3 minutes. I tried to manage my pain again with Swiss ball and walking with my husband, cuddling and getting a light massage to my back, which helped make me relax a lot. So we continued one surge at a time.

The pool was being prepared. I was ready to dive into the water. When I entered into the water around 2pm with my husband, I felt as if I was finally home.
The water was pleasantly hot. Every surge, I asked my husband for hotter and hotter water and to do the hip squeeze. He really did his job wonderfully.

I asked three times my midwife to check my cervix, around 2, 5, 8pm, and I was told it was 3, 5, 7 centimeters dilated each time respectively.  During two thirds of labor, I was listening to the hypnobirthing audio, using some deep breathing, but at one point, it became useless and I couldn’t focus any more, I got exhausted. My husband kept giving me the hip squeeze at every surge, and I was constantly asking for hotter water to have some pain relief.

From the morning I had eaten and drank water as I pleased, when it was evening, I couldn’t eat much but I kept drinking and getting hydrated with watermelon.

Carmen was breathing with me, and was putting some cold compresses on my head, then I decided that my baby was going to be born in 2 hours. It was 8pm, I got worn out, but I couldn’t stop. My husband and Carmen were there, supporting me. My husband was encouraging me a lot with his heartfelt words and kisses, “It wasn’t easy, but you have done a great job, let’s keep doing it together, for a bit more.”

Some time later, the pressure on the bottom became bigger and bigger, then I felt something coming out from my bottom, so I asked my husband to check. I heard him say the baby’s head was out! After a couple of contractions, my baby’s body had made an appearance. Eventually my husband lifted her out from the water. It was 10pm, exactly as I wanted!

A few more contraction followed after her birth and the placenta came out. As if I had been walking loaded with a bunch of heavy luggages, and one day I was free from them, the great intense pain, that was a good companion of mine along the way, just kissed good bye and left a huge joyous feeling behind. Just a minute before, I was in continuous intolerable pain, then I was enjoying the pleasant moments after birth to the fullest.

After birth, my midwife showed us the placenta, saying it looked very healthy, for a baby that was born two weeks passed the due date!

Esperanza, my healthy baby girl, weighed 3.6kg.
Later, my husband and I had some issues with the hospital, however we appreciated so much the fact that we could have this amazing unforgettable birth experience. If we were asked to go back in time and decide our birth preferences all over again, knowing all that would come after birth, we would without hesitation make the same choices.  🙂 

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