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Daisy’s birth video

This is the hypnobirth, waterbirth, homebirth of Daisy. You can appreciate in this 15 minute video the early labor part, where the mom goes out for a long walk, tries to distract, relax and at the same time stay active. Her surges come close, they last 30 seconds, at this stage, so there is still time to call the healthcare providers. Some women, at this stage, keep doing what they were doing, grocery shopping, work, hairdresser, or home chores for instance. That is a good way of avoiding anxiety building up in early or latent phase of labor and tension/anticipation getting in the way of the process moving forward with ease at its own pace.

You can see that she eats and drinks to have the energy she needs, and uses also a tissue imbued with essential oils. Lavender and sage are known for their calming effects and can be of much help in labor, especially if you used them during the pregnancy or if it’s a scent that you particularly like in general. This use of the sense of smell as an “anchor” is very important if you’re going to birth in a hospital, where your senses may be overstimulated with unknown scents, images and words. You need to recreate a familiar environment to find the intimacy and safety that you need to have a good birth. In hypnobirthing there are several ways to accomplish that! ūüėȬ†

As she goes into a more active labor, her body language changes, she seems to have a more inward attitudine, with her head down; she develops her own ritual, with rhythmical movements and vocalizations, which help release tension and keep the mouth open and unlocked. As you may know, the mouth is very much related to the sphyncters, the anus and the vagina namely, so the relaxation of the mouth and jaw helps a lot the softening and opening of the birth canal. 

The behavior of the dad is very supportive: he uses key words that are used in the hypnobirthing audios, massage her, tell her sweet words and is overall very calm and relaxed himself, especially when, towards the end the mom is possibly in transition phase (adrenaline kicks in, right before the fetal ejection reflex, and feelings of fear may appear) and need reassurance that everything is going well.

The role of the midwife is also amazing: she is there, and she observe without interfering at all. She is just there to assist and protect, but her lack of active¬†involvement in the process of birth is an implicit reassurance to the mom that “she can do this, she is doing it”.



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