Experiences have clearly shown that an approach which
"de-medicalizes" birth, restores dignity and humanity
to the process of childbirth, and returns control
to the mother is also the safest approach.

Michel Odent

Just as a woman's hearth knows how and when to pump,
her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire,
so she knows how and when to give birth

Virginia Di Orio

All that is needed for the majority of labors to go well is
a healthy, pregnant woman who has loving support in labor,
self-confidence, and attendants with infinite patience.

Sheila Kitzinger

We cannot birth our babies through sheer force of will.
We need to learn the more subtle, the equally powerful,
path of surrender.

Sarah J. Buckley

The parallels between making love and giving birth are clear,
not only in terms of passion and love, but also because
we need essentially the same conditions for both experiences:
privacy and safety.

Sarah J. Buckley

About Hypnobirthing

About Hypnobirthing2020-01-22T02:52:53+01:00

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal course. It addresses the needs of your body, your mind and your spirit to prepare for a confident, calm and happy birth.

Hypnobirthing is scientifically based on the physiology of birth, and it provides you with the practical tools to apply that knowledge.

Hypnobirthing clears up your mind of negative interference, so that the mammalian brain, the part of the brain involved in childbirth, can work as it was intended and designed by Nature.

Benefits for mom:

  • Relaxation, calmness, fear release
  • Confidence and trust in your body’s innate capabilities
  • Sense of being in control of your own labor and birth
  • Empowered to make informed decisions in labor
  • Less need for pain relief, less likely to have unnecessary medical interventions
  • Higher satisfaction with your experience of birth

Benefits for dad:

  • Knowledge and understanding of how natural birth works
  • Calm and relaxed while supporting mom
  • Confident about his role, making sure the birth room is quiet, calm, and respectful
  • Empowered to make informed decisions in labor

Benefits for baby:

  • A relaxed and happy mom means a calmer and happier baby
  • Hypnobirthing babies are often described as more alert and quiet at birth
  • Short and long term effect on bonding/attachment and breastfeeding